Six Pack Shortcuts Review – Mike Chang

by admin on November 15, 2011

Six Pack Shortcuts Review

Get those rippling abs you’ve always dreamt of with four half hour workouts a week?  Yeah right!  But, hold on – what if it really were possible?…

Now no-one can fail to appreciate that Mike Chang sports some pretty impressive abs.  But has he really gained such a jaw-dropping physique without hour upon hour of dedicated work?  We take a low down and dirty look to see if this self-proclaimed ‘six pack abs coach’ really has come up with the system that’ll give that elusive ripped look you yearn for.

What do you get for your money?

Proudly proclaiming that this program is way different from anything else out there, Six Pack Shortcuts is far from just an abdominal workout regime.  Delivered via video asopposed to pages of text, not only is this the perfect option for those who prefer visual instruction, but also means that after purchasing you get instant access.  So no impatient waiting for the mailman to come knocking on the door.

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The program consists of the following:

  • 27 different workouts – highly intense, each lasting between 20-30 minutes.  These are specifically designed to target not only the abdominal area, but the whole body, to get you into shape – fast!
  • 31 strategic bodyweight cardio workouts – these dedicated fat-burning techniques both help you lose the blubber and are designed to athletically tune your body so it looks great and works to the optimum as well.
  • 17 exercises specifically targeting the abs – without putting undue strain on your back and your neck! 
  • Advanced muscle building and fat loss theory – in video form.  These will teach you the necessary principles that show WHY these workouts are so effective.  This knowledge will help prevent you falling into the many pitfalls that scupper your training goals.
  • Unlimited personal email support from Mike Chang, and unlimited phone support from certified personal trainers on his team.

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All in all you get over 11 hours of video footage that can be either streamed or downloaded directly to your computer.  You can also download them to an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, android or virtually any other type of mobile device, meaning it’s simplicity itself to carry Six Pack Shortcuts with you wherever you may be.

Plus you’ll get two extra Six Pack Shortcuts bonuses:

  1. The Zero Willpower eating system.  Healthy eating made easy, because no fitness program works without the right fuel inside.
  2. A 30 day free trial to Mike’s 24 Week Advanced Fitness Coaching Program.  A new each week as used by professional athletes and fitness models.

Who is it for?

Okay, while Sixpack Shortcuts is touting itself as a program for everyone, it’s not really suitable for couch potatoes.  But for anyone who’s already got a reasonable level of fitness – and that includes the ladies as well as the men – then this is a program that’s undoubtedly intense, but one that certainly gives results.

Who is Mike Chang of Six Pack Shortcuts?

Mike Chang is an ISSA personal trainer who’s earned himself a bit of a reputation as an ‘abs’ man.  Because not only does he sport some of the best defined abdominal musclesmike chang six pack shortcuts Six Pack Shortcuts Review   Mike Chang in the business, but he’s developed training techniques that help others achieve the same.  Dogged in the past by the wrong advice as to the best training methods, he’s now devoted his life to making sure that others don’t fall foul of the same.  And the proof, as they say, is in the results, and you only need look at his long list of happy, toned clients to see that his methods work.

The Pros

  • Sixpack Shortcuts certainly lives up to its name.  Once you’ve ditched that belly fat using the advanced fat burning techniques, by following the abs workouts you really will see rapid improvement in that ‘oh so difficult’ to sculpt abdominal area.
  • The program doesn’t just concentrate on one thing.  Although it’s touted as an abdominal regime it actually is aimed at the body as a whole – which of course it would have to be as you can’t expect results just by working on one part in isolation.
  • For those who like visual information, rather than having to read books or text, then the video presentation will suit you down to the ground.  And not only are they informative, but fun to watch as well.
  • You’re also shown the reasons and principles behind the exercises, making it easier to avoid falling into ineffective training traps that just take up time and effort.
  • Six Pack Shortcuts comes with a no questions asked, no quibble 60 day money back guarantee.

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The Cons

  • Although the title is Six Pack Shortcuts, don’t be thinking that it means that getting those rippling abs is going to be a breeze.  Sure, the system works.  But only if you put in the real and sustained effort necessary.  Cheat and it simply won’t work. 
  • If you’re the kind of person who likes to see physical books and DVDs for your money then you’re going to be disappointed.  This is a purely virtual program.

The Bottom Line

Now, much as we’d love to say that Six Pack Shortcuts is just more of the same old, same old… unfortunately, we can’t!  Not only does Mike Chang’s program target the necessary hardcore exercise you need to achieve the six pack of your dreams, but it gives the nutritional information, along with all the principles behind it as well!

So, begrudgingly, we really do have to concede that Six Pack Shortcuts works – with the caveat that you do need to put the effort in, of course.  But if you can do that, there’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t be sporting a set of abs to be proud of to see you into 2012!

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